mangba - China's e-commerce why so fierce?

Before the old saying a store to raise three generations, but currently it has become three generations to raise a shop, buy a store to collect rent, was once the dream of many people, but really to their own buy up store situation but found that many stores have long become a big pit, not only can not earn money, and even continue 
ecommerce payment platforms to deficient in gas and blood.

Especially in recent years along with the prevalence of the field of e-commerce live, many parts of the not-so-good store long-term out, simply can not be rented out, and even need to pay the property management fees. What exactly is the state of this? Does it mean that the pavement is indeed completely finished?

Why do we also often hear that capitalist countries like Japan and the United States. Will limit the development trend of online shopping, while the physical line store sales have been very good. But only our Chinese e-commerce development is getting better and better, from Taobao, to Jingdong, to the Poundland platform and then to nowadays cover the sky live selling. The variety is a lot, and even the price is more and more cost-effective. This is a huge hazard to the business of opening a store, so the store will be increasingly difficult to rent.

Think about 10 years ago, want to rent a store in a better part of the street is very difficult, sometimes you can meet one or two, there are also prototype fabrication very expensive transfer fees. And now many of the formerly busy areas, the house can be empty for more than half a year. Not to mention the inner streets of large shopping malls, the sale is also depressed, buy a set of stores for two years can not be rented out, are common. But why our Chinese stores will decline so pompous? There are about this several very practical factors.

First, the items on the Internet usually have to be cheap to catch our eyes. Whether it is the former Taobao or Jindo platform, or the current live selling, the very beginning is to hand out categories of subsidies, coupons. And the very first time to take this coupon shopping, indeed, to pick up cost-effective.


Things are cheap and selective, not only in mine box the city, especially in rural areas and counties, there are many products in the local unlikely to buy, also in the online, can be very simple to buy all over the country a place of goods, and even overseas purchase. And also eliminates the time period of shopping shopping options, regardless of the size of the product, the vast majority of them can immediately submit orders through the network. Less people want to buy things on the street, the need for physical pavement is of course reduced.

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